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Laser Works of Alabama
4850 Holly Lane
Gardendale, AL 35071

Phone 205.790.2011

Laser Works of Alabama Laser Engraving Service can add that special touch to many different materials and surfaces, creating unique and lasting impressions. Using the latest in advanced laser technology , Laser Works of Alabama can etch images on marble, slate, granite, glass, wood, leather, ceramic tile, acrylic and even certain metals.
Products and Applications
Architectural and Building Trades:
•  Etched Murals on Foyers, Entryways, Lobbies,
Showers or Outdoor Walkways
•  Floor Art for Homes, Office or Corporate Buildings
•  Etched Glass for Entrance doors, Showers and Tabletops
•  Counter Tops or Corporate Conference Tables.
•  Personalized Benches, Cornerstones and Welcome Signs
12" Tile Mural Pricing
Mural size in square feet Price per square foot
1 square foot $135.00 includes 12” tile
2 to 9 square feet $85.00 plus material
9 square feet and larger $65.00 plus material
Floor Mural
China Black Marble/Granite Memorial Pricing
Size Price
7" x 5" $60.00
6" x 6" $60.00
8" x 8" $85.00
10" x 7" $100.00
10" x 8" $115.00
11" x 8.5" $135.00
12" x 12" $135.00

Corporate Logos :
•  Corporate Artwork in Floors and Entryways
•  Illuminated Artwork on Doorways and Sidelights
•  Mirrored Signage and Vector Glass Imaging

Corporate Items:
•  Personalized Awards and Plaques
•  Nameplates

Memories and Gifts:
•  Wedding and Anniversary Portraits
•  Sports Memorabilia
•  Personal Photographs
•  Artwork and Paintings
•  Family Histories
•  Personalized Coasters
•  Memorials, Monuments and Grave Markers
•  Pet Memorials

Pets In Stone Product Line:
•  Pet Cremation Urns
•  Pet Grave Markers
•  Pet Memorials

Laser Works has the ability to immortalize your late pet. Using our hi-tech engraving methods, we can reproduce, with great detail, your pets image onto Pet Cremation Urns for cremated ashes; Pet Grave Markers for gravesites; and Pet Memorials for a loving reminder fitting in any setting.

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