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Laser Works of Alabama
4850 Holly Lane
Gardendale, AL 35071

Phone 205.790.2011


When Richard Bradley first conceived Laser Works of Alabama, it was done for two reasons. First, after 18 years as a co-owner in an environmental contracting business, Richard decided that he no longer wanted to travel as much, so he began to look at other businesses that would keep him closer to home. Homebuilding was an option, as he had done just that 25 years earlier. As he was investigating the latest in techniques and materials used in homebuilding, he stumbled across a company and a process that literally took his breath away. Laser engraving is a relatively new industry with very interesting possibilities and, at this point, a product which is hard to describe and even harder to appreciate until you've held it in your hand.

So Richard Bradley, an engineer by trade (Aerospace U of A 1972), gave up his position with a profitable company, started a business with no market awareness, and went into business with his son Adam (the second reason!). Adam graduated from the University of Alabama in the summer of 2003 with a degree in video editing and computer science. Adam is one of those who played with computers and games and Internet stuff constantly (much to the detriment of his GPA.) Richard had no idea how much Adam could do until they actually started the business. Within a few days Adam was creating and crafting images and designs that were absolutely mind-boggling (not that Richard's mind is that hard to boggle). Everything you see on the websites were created by Adam, including the websites themselves.

When people write these “About Us” pages, for some strange reason, they write in the third person. Excuse me if I shift into first person for a moment. I think our product is exceptional, I think Adam and I are in the right place for our abilities and talents, and I know that we will only get better with time and as new doors open. We hope we have the chance to prove that to you.

May God Bless,
Richard and Adam Bradley

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