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Laser Works of Alabama
4850 Holly Lane
Gardendale, AL 35071

Phone 205.790.2011


Laser Works of Alabama can turn everyday life into special memories for you and those you love. Laser Works of Alabama will engrave, with remarkable detail, virtually anything that can be scanned, emailed, digitized or imagined; embedding that image permanently in stone, glass, wood and many other surfaces.

Laser Works of Alabama has provided Veterans Memorials for a number of cities in Alabama, creating elegant permanent black granite memorials for Alabama's Veterans.

Centerpoint Alabama Veterans Memorial
Laser Works can provide beautiful signs for your business, neighborhood, church or otherwise. We handle the entire process from inception to installation of signs both in carved vinyl and in China Black Granite.
Church Entrance Sign
Laser Works has provided hundreds of custom one-of-a-kind monuments becoming elegant memorials to loved ones. Any image, quote, scripture or otherwise that you can imagine, we can put into your layout.
China Black Granite Monument
Life through Light, Set in Stone
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